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The Pros and Cons of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

Google has launched enhanced campaigns, what does it meanFor the past 18 months, PPC’ers all over the world have been happily creating mobile, tablet and desktop campaigns following Google’s announcement that tablets could be targeted. Many advertisers rejoiced at this new found ability to monitor user behaviours by device, optimising campaigns in line with this. Many will have also capitalised on the lower click costs, higher click though rates and stronger conversion rates that we have often observed on tablet campaigns. And, over the course of the past year more and more advertisers will have shifted budget away from desktop campaigns to support this surge in the volume experienced on other devices, with many seeing positive results from this. Read more on The Pros and Cons of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns…

How to avoid the pitfalls of a multi-national website

A strong online presence has transformed opportunities for international expansion. Yet while most organisations now recognise that a local language site – and not just a poor translation – is essential, how many truly understand the impact on revenue and the brand value implications of failing to deliver country sensitive as well as language specific content?

Market maturity, payment models and local attitudes vary significantly and organisations that fail to understand and adapt messaging, offers and even essential product information to each specific market risk disenfranchising the potential new customer base.  Read more on How to avoid the pitfalls of a multi-national website…

What’s the worth of a Facebook fan?

At a time when Facebook’s user-specific advertising methods have been under some critique, how beneficial can a social media presence aimed at acquiring fans to achieve a return on investment be? As it turns out, quite beneficial.

Anyone whose audience is spending time on Facebook can benefit from having a presence on the site. An active fan page provides social proof of credibility that a regular website just can’t convey. Imagine if an individual visits your fan page, and she sees the 300,000 fans that your company has worked hard to acquire and keep. It won’t be hard to convince her that the page and the business is an authoritative location where she can get help and information. Read more on What’s the worth of a Facebook fan?…

Burger King gains 30,000 new Twitter followers as account returns after hacking incident

Burger King has returned to Twitter with almost 30,000 more followers after its account was hacked last night and rebranded as McDonald’s. The burger chain lost control of its account and began sending out a string of McDonald’s related tweets.

The @BurgerKing Twitter account had little more than 80,000 followers when it was hacked, however, in the wake of the account takeover this has leapt to 111,314 giving it a gain of 30,000 followers and a wave of free publicity. Read more on Burger King gains 30,000 new Twitter followers as account returns after hacking incident…

Brands need to give customers apps for instant feedback

Customer service has now irrevocably changed from call centres to apps. More and more people demand instant information rather than a distant security obsessed call centres who probably can’t help you anyway!

Instant customer feedback, transactional changes, information on the go is the new customer service that people expect. Unfortunately this is not available from a call centre. Only an app can give you this.

In a recent survey by Nuance Communications for example more half of Australians (2nd highest penetration of smartphones in the world behind Singapore) preferred to access customer service information through an app rather than a call centre.

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