Daily Archives: 18 February, 2013

Twitter gaffes show Tories still grappling with subtleties of digital campaigning

Shamed Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne whose speeding ticket lies sparked Eastleigh by electionThe by-election to replace shamed Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne is heating up, and the Conservative Party yesterday came in for criticism after many of its MPs tweeted exactly the same phrase attacking the Lib Dems on housing policy in the Eastleigh constituency, and accusing their coalition partners of ‘broken promises’. Far from showing the party as united and on message, the gaffe highlighted that the Conservatives are still finding it hard to conduct a digital campaign effectively and subtly, and left them open to ridicule from political opponents.

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Why Advertising Agencies no longer exist, and why it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been talking to a number of agencies recently about their ‘positioning’. It seems to be the topic of the moment, as agency folk begin to wrestle with another year of trying to hit their new business targets. The common theme, I notice, is that they are all very keen to be something else.

Production companies don’t want to be production companies anymore; they want to be specialists in ‘branded content’.  Read More »

How useful exactly is Facebook Studio?

How useful exactly is Facebook Studio?Facebook Studio Edge is a bit of an enigma. Not sure whether that was the intention, but there it is. It’s a blend of being a showcase of the best work on there and educational pieces to get the most out of Facebook, and while these are good – it’s not the easiest to work out who it is actually aimed at.

The cynic in me says it’s a resource for Facebook sales staff to dip into and roll out in presentations to agencies and brands. But, the optimist can see how to an impartial user there is some good stuff to offer. Read More »