Fashion designer Matthew Williamson uses Vine to bring fans to the catwalk

Brands are experimenting with Twitter's VineLondon Fashion Week kicks off today, and the designers are trying to engage fans who can’t make it to the catwalk shows by using social media. Unsurprisingly it is the visual networks that are proving the most effective for those social media fashionistas.

Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine proved very popular over New York Fashion week, and some designers in the UK are now keen to exploit the potential of six second videos.

What’s interesting is the quality has taken a real jump. While many Vines so far have been quick and easily produced we are now starting to see very high quality videos shot giving an indication possibly of what is to come.

In particular, Matthew Williamson is using social media in an attempt to bring his audience even closer than the front row of his shows, and is going to be tweeting animated images of key looks from his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection via Vine. The first posting introducing the concept went up today:

Far from being a phone-shot, low budget, initiative, Williamson has hired the international backstage photographer Sean Cunningham to shoot the the collection into the six second clips that will be posted on Vine.

The digital content will particularly focus on the more intricate details of pieces, highlighting features that may get lost in the blur and excitement of the catwalk. Williamson is going to bring all its London Fashion Week digital content together under the #MatthewMagnified hashtag on Twitter, introduced in the post above.

Fans can follow the show from 6pm on Sunday on the hashtag and via the @MWWorld account, and it could all result in people not at the show actually being better informed about the looks and the collection than those that are there!

High-end and catwalk fashion can often feel very distant to people, and social media certainly will help break down barriers between fashion lovers and designers. Perhaps with this in mind, Matthew Williamson launched its digital strategy in October last year, and will be re-launching its website  and e-commerce platform later in 2013.

As well as Matthew Williamson’s efforts, The British Fashion Council are going to use Vine to tweet and share highlights from the shows, and you can follow London Fashion Week on the #LFW hashtag on Twitter.