The Love Bug – a guide to online dating

since the launch of in 1995 the digital dating market is worth $4bnHello and welcome to the Espresso of Innovation; a roundup of the hottest news and strongest stories from the world of creativity and technology filtered into a quick shot of inspiration. This week, it’s all about love.

Valentines Day is upon us. If you are feeling a bit left out of this schmaltzfest or just fancy a change, then tech is here to lend Cupid a hand. And if you are a brand there are plenty of lessons to be learned about how to get people to love you too. After all, since the launch of in 1995 the digital dating market is worth $4bn, so it’s worth looking at:

Here and Now

With 75% of young people in the UK with a smartphones this is a great space for online dating. Apps such as SinglesAroundMe, MeetMoi, Badoo, Assisted Serendipity and Skout, are just a few who have integrated GPS check-ins with those that are looking for love. Now you’ll know if the girl across the bar is looking for love or just waiting for a tardy boyfriend. The problem is that the fairer sex doesn’t like the ‘stalking’ aspect of these apps and so users are heavily skewed to men.

For the women, step up Like Bright, FriendlyLook,, and Coffee Meets Bagel. These dating sites are based on more of a “house party” model where users set friends up with friends; and hence have a more balanced user base. In theory it sounds great but at the moment most of these are too new to have a big enough user base to work effectively beyond certain US states. Watch this space.

The Game of Love

Dating apps like Crazy Blind Date, Moonit and the Game are trying to reinvent online dating by replacing browsing profiles and chat ups before meeting face-to-face with game-like interactions that move things along quickly. It also makes dating easier and very addictive.

Keeping the Passion Alive

Roosegaarde have recently unveiled their intimacy dress 2.0; a fashion project that “combines intimacy with technology”. The dress slowly disappears the faster your heart beats. I just wouldn’t recommend going outside with it on.

The other option is we forget about all this technologically induced heartache and resort to love drugs? Scientists around the globe are trying to medically keep the spark in your relationship alive.

So how do we get customers to love us?

Not an easy question but if you want a good idea join a dating site because finding a date is like finding a customer. Firstly you have to be interesting: have a TOV, say something surprising, funny or interesting. Look good: make sure your product is worth buying. Be addictive: send fun communications that people want to receive. Be relevant: make sure they happen at the right place and at the right time. Tap into basic human emotions: we all want to be loved, have fun and enjoy life. And above all don’t be creepy.

Martin Talks is president,digital, Draftfcb UK and global digital lead.

  • Charlotte Moss

    Some great stats from OscarMike Agency on online dating. ‘Love is all you need’…and a computer!