Durex helps men get ‘Intensely close’ with social media Valentine’s campaign

Durex launches new social media campaignDurex is launching a social media campaign to promote its ‘Ultra Thin Feel’ condoms as part of the brand’s ‘Intensely close’ campaign. The work includes two YouTube films and goes live on the brand’s Facebook page today (Valentine’s Day). It will also be supported by blogger outreach. The short films, created by TMW, aim to demonstrate the heightened pleasure of getting closer.

The first film, called Parking, features a young couple getting it on with the aid of a stick shift (would it work with automatic?) as they reverse their car into an incredibly tight parking space.

As they get closer and closer to the other parked cars, the young lady’s pleasure increases, reaching a climax when the car is parked snugly in the space. The film ends with the strapline ‘The closer we get, the more intense it feels’.

The second film, ECG (electrocardiogram), is an acrobatic animated spot that brings two hearts together. In it heart rate monitor morphs into the silhouette of a couple in varying sexual positions. The characters’ heart rate increases as the passion intensifies. The film ends with the line ‘The closer we get the more our hearts race.’