A Good Valentine’s Day to Drive Hard

Die Hard is by my estimation (and that of Dara O’briain amongst others) the greatest Christmas movie ever. So it makes total sense to launch the latest in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine’s Day…..(that traditional commercial day for couples who forgot to love each other for the rest of the year and think one day will make it all right….).

What better way to spend quality time with your loved one than going to see Bruce Willis blow up things, shoot things, say “yippee ki-ay mother F*****”, be shot at, be blown up and generally dying hard…..very romantic! Love the irony! Funnily enough in Asia the film was released on the 7th Feb to tie in with the Chinese New Year long weekend but the thought was there!

There are many leassons for marketing professionals in Die Hard, no really there are…and no it’s not if you don’t get your way you blow up the Nakatomi Plaza….


From a marketing perspective it’s both an easy film to market due to its history and fan loyalty and a tough one to bring in new fans. Certainly not a traditional date movie as most people who want to see this are guys. The social engagement has been fantastic with a series of initiatives on the official facebook page to delight and create debate with.

Die Hard Top Moments Tournament is a great and easy way to get the fans going…unsurprisingly most of the moments are from the original classic as is Good-day-to-die-hard-12C1364_05-635x423most of the imagery used around it. The fire hose swing is winning at present, having just beaten the feet on glass moment just ahead of the lift shaft “come to new york, have some fun” moment….!

Mercedes Benz are partnering with the film having provided over 70 vehicles and adding credibility to the vehicles being smashed up and giving the film goers great satisfaction at seeing the German supercar being smashed to bits! Looks like they needed all 70 to make the film.

This is some serious product placement and Mercedes have certainly milked every tyre for all it’s worth. PR in places such as Top Gear and other digital areas has been extensive.


“An exciting film with many emotionally appealing vehicles,” said Anders Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars who clearly is very emotional about the film connection! And getting really carried away he added “Unimog and Zetros are the ideal “hero cars” for the hard-as-nails requirements of John and Jack McClane”.  Not sure the fans will care but it’s a clever way of marketing these brands to die hard fans of both genres…..