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Who owns creativity? The creator or the audience?

ShareRank, a product recently launched by Unruly Media, purports to ‘predict the shareability of a video before it launches’. Through this system advertisers can seek to discern what type of video content is likely to prove successful – from a sharing perspective at least.

ShareRank purports to understand the relationship between viewer responses and actual share data and enables the identification and contribution of factors that impact on shareability. It’s claimed that this can correctly predict shareability 80% of the time, a figure that could go up as more data is added and the algorithm improves.  Read more on Who owns creativity? The creator or the audience?…

Social media campaign reunites girl with 300 lost photos

Catriona bowman and her friend Emily Fazah who lost 300 digital photosIt’s the classic case of who’s that girl who took 300 holiday photos on her camera and lost them in Holland? The girl in question was 22-year old Catriona Bowman and luckily for her the digital record of her backpacking trip around Europe wasn’t gone for good. The camera memory card she lost in Amsterdam was found by Peter van Leeuwen who is a creative partner at Dutch ad agency Etcetera.

Van Leeuwen, who found the card at Schiphol airport, didn’t leave it there he started a social media campaign to find the owner of the memory card as any good ad exec would.  Read more on Social media campaign reunites girl with 300 lost photos…

Facebook battles Twitter for second screen TV dominance

The biggest battle in social media at the moment is being waged on TV, as Facebook and Twitter fight to dominate the market. Arguably Twitter is miles ahead in this battle and it has made the second screen a major priority as we saw recently with its acquisition of social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs. Twitter will be able to use the data Bluefin digs out to sell to agencies and brands looking for insight in how they are performing in social media.

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Forget ‘new media’. It’s ‘now media’

RamKrishna RajaWhat do Oreo’s successful Super Bowl Twitpic and a Furby craze in Thailand have in common Both are example of the power of ‘now media’, according to RamKrishna Raja, digital managing director at IPG Mediabrands.

In case you missed all the social buzz about the Super Bowl last weekend, Oreo was the surprise social-media winner among all those brands that were slugging it out in the digital gridiron. Read more on Forget ‘new media’. It’s ‘now media’…

Online personas: Is technology redefining human identity for good?

Manti Te'o during 2010 game against USC.Considering it’s just the singular and plural forms of the same word, the difference in definition of ‘identity’ and ‘identities’ is a particularly interesting one to think about. Ask someone how they would define their identity, and that’s quite a deep, thought-provoking question that requires a considered answer.

Yet ask them about what ‘identities’ they adopt for varying situations and the response is a lot more trivial; people happily alternate between different ‘identities’; even priding themselves in how they do so.

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A Good Valentine’s Day to Drive Hard

Die Hard is by my estimation (and that of Dara O’briain amongst others) the greatest Christmas movie ever. So it makes total sense to launch the latest in the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine’s Day…..(that traditional commercial day for couples who forgot to love each other for the rest of the year and think one day will make it all right….).

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