Grammy’s, Fashion Week and snowstorm fuel Vine’s growths

Should brands be getting on board with Vine?When three weeks ago Twitter announced the launch of Vine, the app that shares six seconds of video in a tweet, many people rolled their eyes, questioning what of value could be done in such a short space of time.

The glamorous types over at the Grammy’s and Fashion Week have though made good use of it,  boosting the service’s profile a huge amount over the last week.

Social analytics agency Simply Measure have put together a report that shows over 48 hours 113,897 Vine links were tweeted. This amounts to an average of 2,324 Vines per hour.

While the #firstpost category had a lot of content (which will please Vine as it shows people starting to use the service,)  it was the Grammy’s and Fashion Week that really stole the show. People Magazine had 50 million potential impressions over two Grammy’s posts, including Kathy Griffin showing off her shoes:

Ivete Sangalo, who is a Brazilian singer, actress and television host drove the third peak with a Vine from Carnival to her 7.6 million Twitter followers.

Interestingly, over 1000 Vines have been posted from Brazil over the weekend, showing the South American country is becoming an increasingly important part of the social media marketplace.

Many were saying that Vine wouldn’t really take off until consumers started making their own vines. Well as we have started to see that is happening and no more so than in the US last week where the snow storm has prompted, wait for it, a blizzard of Vine videos. You can see some more of those here.

Additionally Thirty Seconds from Mars prompted a huge amount of traffic on Vine. The band is well known for their obsessive and devoted fan base, and this made their hashtag #marsiscoming the most used over the 48 hours, beating the Grammy’s and New York fashion week:   Simply Measured have also had a looked at who the most influential Vine users are. Unsurprisingly they are people who work in creative visual media, and have significant online profiles already:

 All the numbers shown pale into insignificance really when compared impressions generated by content on YouTube or even Instagram, but they are certainly impressive given that Vine is less than a month old.

I have to say though, Lego Vines (spotted by Editor Gordon Macmillan) is my personal favourite on the network.

You can see more of those  Lego Vines here.

  • Boris Jacquin

    Has people’s attention span shrunk that much? I am not sure what content value Vine is bringing – not much from what I’ve seen – and an endless feed of badly edited 6 sec videos from strangers is not going to improve the way we connect. If you thought most people’s Facebook updates were boring, Vine takes it to a whole new level with its utterly uninteresting content brought to you by the narcissistic. Even porn fails on Vine!