Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud

Man wired up to Adobe's 'BS' detector to separate myths from metrics

This post is provided by our partner Adobe

In their continuing fight to ride the wave of emerging technology and tame the data collected from social media, marketers have a new suite of tools to arm their brands with.

Focused on metrics, not myths, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud helps marketers turn their data into insight and actions quicker, providing a single service that pulls together data from social interactions and targeted advertising to help marketers get ahead.

The videos below give a flavour of the myths surrounding marketing in a connected world, and characterise Adobe’s fight-back.

In one, aspiring marketers take a lie-detector-style ‘BS’ test to train them against using buzzwords like ‘brand halo’, ‘ripple effect’ and ‘go viral’.

In another, demonstrating Marketing Cloud’s analytics and social capabilities, a marketer is slapped by a colleague until, in a moment of epiphany, he realises social media is “definitely measurable”.

Marketing is BS:

Marketers hate big data:

Social Media is worthless:

The service takes a step away from looking simply at likes and followers as a return on investment, with the ability to estimate revenue generated and attaching a value to social interactions and web experiences.

In a blog post about the Cloud service, senior vice president of Adobe, Brad Rencher, says it “goes well beyond the offerings of others in the industry” to align the creative and marketing workflows, in conjunction with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

It pulls together Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Media Optimizer into one integrated dashboard.

The separate services integrated into the Marketing Cloud are described by Adobe as follows:

1. Adobe Social assists marketers in measuring and managing social marketing across owned, earned and paid media – ensuring the impact of social is attributed correctly for maximum impact.

2. Adobe Analytics enables data-driven, multichannel marketing by combining the power of actionable analytics and audience segmentation with the distributed value of reporting and sharing of key business analysis.

3. Adobe Target empowers highly personalised experiences throughout a visitor’s digital experience via dynamic testing; creating better brand experiences and driving higher conversion rates.

4. Adobe Experience Manager enables digital marketers to create, manage, and optimize multichannel customer experiences that build brand and drive demand.

5. Adobe Media Optimizer powers data-optimized advertising through best-in-class portfolio and rules-based ad management, intelligent campaign forecasting, and targeted ad delivery solutions.

As the number of marketers-turned-digital champions continues to grow, the need to justify investment in social media and emerging digital channels is ever more present.

The ability to begin measuring digital channels and social media in one place to estimate ROI and turn insight into actions in one that can only make digital marketing better for both brands and their consumers – the fight to tame the world ‘wild’ web has taken a huge leap forward.