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Facebook faces legal battle over like button

Facebook faces new legal challenge this time over its like buttonWhat would Facebook be without the “Like button”?

The button is an integral part of the social network is now the subject of a legal challenge in the US with a claim that Facebook has violated certain patent rights. The case has been brought by a firm called Rembrandt Social Media that says it owns two patents that it accuses Facebook of infringing. Read More »

Adobe fight myths with metrics in Marketing Cloud

Man wired up to Adobe's 'BS' detector to separate myths from metrics

This post is provided by our partner Adobe

In their continuing fight to ride the wave of emerging technology and tame the data collected from social media, marketers have a new suite of tools to arm their brands with.

Focused on metrics, not myths, Adobe’s Marketing Cloud helps marketers turn their data into insight and actions quicker, providing a single service that pulls together data from social interactions and targeted advertising to help marketers get ahead. Read More »

Now is the time for brands to review their Instagram content strategy

When Instagram launched its web profiles and yanked integration with Twitter a few months back, brands quickly started to evaluate their content strategies in terms of telling a larger story with their photos. Now, with last week’s announcement of Instagram’s Web Feed, brands must look at their strategy again – perhaps changing course. Read More »

FT editor: “News now is not the newspaper”

The Financial Times: "News now is not the newspaper"It is perhaps not a surprise to hear but Financial Times editor Lionel Barber, talking about the digital revolution at the paper, put it quite starkly in the Observer yesterday as he said that news was not now in the paper — that was the job of the web.

Barber’s comments follow the unveiling of the FT’s digital first strategy last month, which will cut 35 jobs and relegate newspapers to second place. Read More »

Where and how do consumers really talk about brands and what impact does it have?

Talk about the latest buzz phrase, ‘earned media’, and typically one of the first things marketers think about is social media and its ability to make brand messages go viral. Social media is a growing and important channel for brands to create Word of Mouth, but does it offer brands the biggest opportunities for harnessing consumer power? Whether we’re sitting watching TV ‘en famille’, chatting in the school playground or talking around the water cooler, if there’s a great (or terrible!) new TV advertising campaign (David Beckham for H&M, anyone?), then this can also stimulate a hearty debate about the merits of the campaign or the product it’s advertising.

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