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Can Netflix’s House of Cards survive its $100 million bet?

Netflix: House of Cards

(C) Netflix

This week House of Cards was made exclusively available on Netflix, the online subscription based video streaming service.  This bold move from a television aggregator that delivers content through a relatively low cost subscription model, to being a content producer (and one with deep pockets – House of Cards alone cost over $100 million to make), does have the potential to compete with both producers and distributors of broadcast content.

Netflix says it will be producing a minimum of five original series each year to entice audiences to subscribe to its service.  Potentially a game changer, Ted Sarandos, Netflix ‘s chief content officer, told GQ ‘The goal is for us to become HBO faster than HBO can become us’.

But does the research data support this move?

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Should brands be getting on board with Vine?

Should brands be getting on board with Vine?There has been something of a debate going on about Vine, Twitter’s recently launched six six-second tool, and whether brands should be getting on board with it or if it is something that they can, at least for now, ignore. We have already seen a lot brands creating Vines as we reported on The Wall recently and earlier this week we highlighted football clubs that were also taking to Vine as wellRead More »

Publishers not Liking Facebook so much anymore

Up until recently many media outlets were obsessed with having a ‘Facebook strategy’, building pages and apps and begging people to Like them. The times seem to be changing though, with many outlets now considering Twitter, Pinterest, and email newsletters better drivers of traffic.

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Why an unfocused social-media strategy is a waste of money

Why an unfocused social-media strategy is a waste of moneyIf 2011 and 2012 were about first experimenting and then putting a social-media strategy into play, this year has to be about starting to think what is working and what is not. It is also about realising that you don’t have to try everything, and, more to the point, that you can’t do everything, as that brings with it another set of problems. Read More »

Why advertising should be part of your Social Media Strategy

There’s something annoying when it comes to current digital and social media strategies; the creative process often does not integrate some considerations on how an idea will be diffused and reach enough users. It’s been good to get rid of the 4P and insist more about 4 E (basically, Product becomes Experience, Place becomes Everyplace, Price becomes Exchange and Promotion becomes Evangelism) in the digital literature. RIP Jerome McCarthy. Read More »