Daily Archives: 7 February, 2013

A global picture: social media across the world

Continuing the series of data snapshots for social, Digital and mobile usage worldwide, here are the latest numbers for the different regions around the world. All indicators show significant growth since last year’s worldwide report, with mobile clearly the driving force for all aspects of our connected lives. It follows The Wall’s report earlier this week that picked up on the tremendous growth of social media in Brazil, which is becoming the focus for many. Read More »

The Power of ‘Social’ in the Age of Wellness

 The Power of 'Social' in the Age of Wellness In our most recent global study, The Truth About Wellness, we at McCann Truth Central uncovered a number of truths about the power of ‘social’ in what we are referring to as the ‘Age of Wellness’. As we explored the status of wellness today, our consumers told us a tale of two socials — one offline and one online — a distinction that provides a challenge for brands and companies who put digital consumers first. Read More »

Twitter updates search and discovery for iPhone and Android

Twitter announced some tweaks last night to its Search and Discover sections for its iPhone and Android apps. The changes include better integration of Search and Discover results, which brings everything together in one neat stream. It has done the same in the Connection tab like you already see on the BlackBerry. This will now show you mentions, retweets and new follows all in one place. Here’s the detail: Read More »

Chinese New Year of the Snake hisses at social media

It’s that time of the year again when a third of the world’s population celebrates the biggest single event of the year, Chinese New Year (CNY) or Lunar New Year as it’s often called. You can’t go anywhere in Singapore without seeing the colour red (and that’s not just because they all support ManU and Liverpool although that does explain why Newcastle United are so poorly supported here….), lanterns,  orange trees, snake symbols and general celebratory decorations in every condo, mall and F&B outlet are everywhere and put xmas decorations to shame.

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