Daily Archives: 6 February, 2013

It’s not (just) about the ‘Like’ — it’s the Return on Relationship

Last Monday offered us the chance to spare a thought for the poor souls who spend their days veering between vilification and rejection, often overworked and underpaid, yet ‘one of the most powerful groups on the internet’ according to Marketwire – yes, it was Community Management Appreciation Day. Read More »

Pinterest to be valued at around $2.5bn as it seeks to monetize

With Twitter recently given an official valuation of $9bn now there are reports that Pinterest, which has yet to make much in the way of revenue, is seeking to raise new financing that would see it valued at between $2bn and $2.5bn, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More »

How the Premier League and other Football clubs are using Vine

A Manchester City FC Vine of a snowy day at the The City of Manchester Stadium (Etihad Stadium) in Manchester, England.It is still very early days for Twitter’s Vine, and there is a lot of debate out there about how people will use it, but one thing that’s clear is that there are a lot of people downloading the app and experimenting with it.  Among those doing so are Premier League and other football clubs.

They are already some of the most innovative users of social media along with many other sports as we saw this past weekend with the Six Nation’s Rugby and the NFL Super Bowl. Read More »

Brazil is revealed as the Social Media Capital of the world

São Paulo: Twitter moves inIt is fast becoming apparent to many social media companies that Brazil is a hotspot and with saturation being reached in the US and Europe, the Latin American country offers the chance for massive freedom of growth.

That’s something that isn’t possible in China where the state imposes many restrictions on what can and can not go on like and where sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are currently blocked. Read More »

Instagram finally launches feed on web, but doesn’t allow picture upload

Instagram has finally unveiled its web service allowing fans of the camera app, which has more than 100 million users, to engage with their photos on their desktop and tablet computers. Instagram has had its share of good and bad recently, with Facebook saying that its camera app was growing quickly against unconfirmed reports that Instagram had lost a lot of active users recently, following changes to its Terms of Service. Read More »