The Social App that could explode in 2013 – Could Voxer wipe out text messaging?

Walkie talkie app Voxer -- could it kill of SMS text messaging among the young?While it isn’t brand spanking new there have been a few people of late talking about Voxer and it looks like it is starting to gain momentum. The walkie talkie style app, where you press to talk, could represent a serious challenge to text messaging on iOS and Android phones. You could also see it as a kind of voice version of BlackBerry’s BBM. You can see in this test video below that people are pretty excited about the potential that it promises.

Voxer has already been around for a year and has attracted some serious levels of funding. Last year it picked up more than $30m in a funding round led by Institutional Venture Partners, Intel Capital and others.

The beauty of Voxer is that it is not only fun, but it also saves any thumb action that would usually be involved when sending an SMS text message. Imagine using it on the go? Rather than risking life and limb walking down a busy street while typing you simply speak into your phone and Voxer sends your message.

You can see it being a hit with younger users. They are the target market and if it takes off there it will filter through to other users.

Here’s another video here from Voxer taking a closer look at the features that Voxer offers.

  • Nils Mehlhorn

    interesting !

  • Gadija Daniels

    Why not call the person?

  • Chris Soo

    Isn’t the purpose of text messages that you don’t have to speak to the person and have time to think and change what you want to say?

  • Amy

    I really like voxer. It’s just like a walkie talkie. If you don’t like voxer, then think about how useful walkie talkies are. Very few of my walkie talkies work, and I want to talk alone with my friends. What if someone else is on the same frequency? With voxer you have conversations and nobody you don’t know can join the conversation. You don’t have to talk to people in person, you don’t have to call them, and you don’t have to type things in. Also, it’s better than siri on iPhone. She always hears you wrong and types the wrong thing.