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Debunking the B2B Social Media Myth – how social can be used in B2B online marketing strategies

It is a common misconception for marketers to believe that social media for B2B companies is a fruitless venture with little to no reward. However, when used effectively, social media can be your tool to not only managing your brand, but can also facilitate brand development, thought leadership, social trust, customer retention and lead generation.  Read More »

The Social App that could explode in 2013 – Could Voxer wipe out text messaging?

Walkie talkie app Voxer -- could it kill of SMS text messaging among the young?While it isn’t brand spanking new there have been a few people of late talking about Voxer and it looks like it is starting to gain momentum. The walkie talkie style app, where you press to talk, could represent a serious challenge to text messaging on iOS and Android phones. You could also see it as a kind of voice version of BlackBerry’s BBM. You can see in this test video below that people are pretty excited about the potential that it promises.

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Twitter to buy social TV firm Bluefin Labs for around $70m

Twitter has the social TV x factor: The x factor judges

UPDATE: Twitter has confirmed the reports that it has made what is thought to be its biggest acquisition to date, outstripping that of TweetDeck, with the deal to buy social TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs, which if anyone was in any doubt, underscores the increasingly close relationship between the social network and television (see confirmation at the foot of post). Twitter has not said how much it is paying for Bluefin, but industry speculation is that it is spending more than $70m (£44m) based in part on the $20.5m (£13m) Twitter has raised over its four-year life from investors including Softbank and Time Warner.

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Starbucks brews up social engagement to drive sales

Starbucks brews up social engagement to drive salesHow do you engage with consumers and build a business through social media? That is the sixty four million dollar question. The answer is actually quite simple, don’t sell, engage. Starbucks, much derided but actually way ahead of the game when it comes to building a relationship with customers on social media. Their objective is not sales it’s to build a relationhip. By doing this the sales will naturally grow. Simple.  Except 99% of brands seemed to have missed this point.



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