35% of online newsrooms contain out-of-date information

Out of the world’s 100 top brands, 35% have online newsrooms on their websites that contain out-of-date information. That’s according to some research from Mynewsdesk that we’ve been working on. The full report is available here and contains some fascinating insights in terms of how brands publish and share owned content.

Pulling these insights together, here are my five top tips for ensuring your online newsroom delivers and engages:

1. Keep it up-to-date

Ok, a really obvious one to start with but, seeing as 35% of the world’s biggest brands are failing here, clearly one to still pay attention to. Your newsroom might well be the very first place a journalist or blogger goes when writing about your brand. Giving them information that is old or, even worse, inaccurate is a recipe for disaster.

2. Flag it up

Only 65% of the brands assessed linked to their online newsroom from their homepage. However there was better news when it came to search, with three quarters of the newsrooms analysed appearing in branded Google searches. It’s hardly surprising that content rich sites like newsrooms will have a positive SEO impact but making sure the newsroom is easy to find from the main website also needs careful consideration.

3. Be available

You might have the best newsroom in the world, with great content, all easy to find and search, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. So make sure you provide a way for influencers to get in touch with you directly (and that means a real person with a face, email address and direct line number). In the study, 26% failed to provide contact details and 45% left out contact details on press releases.

4. Make content easy to find

Some of the newsrooms in the study featured significant amounts of information (for example, Cisco published 87 articles a month) but, despite this, 39% failed to provide a search function. All the time and effort of making content available is for nothing if the user experience is overly complex or confusing.

5. Add value

These days, a press release just isn’t enough. The more you can provide to someone that is looking to write about your company, the better the write-up is likely to be. This could include images, video and case studies. In the Mynewsdesk research, 40% failed to provide image libraries, only 51% featured video and 71% failed to embed multimedia within news stories.