Android dominates worldwide: 2013 mobile market share [infographic]

Every year we like to take a look at the state of mobile usage around the world, what platforms dominate in each country and how this has changed over time. The last 12 months have seen some interesting changes in the mobile landscape with Android being the biggest winner and Nokia the biggest loser. In the UK BlackBerry continues to hold on for dear life as it slips from 2nd into 3rd position, dropping 11 percentage points over the last 12 months.

Interestingly the UK is one of the last few markets where Blackberry holds any significant market share (Canada is another). Android is the big winner in the UK increasing its share by 10% to bump it up to second place behind market leader Apple.

In the USA Apple has strengthened its position increasing market share slightly in the past year (8% increase), while Android has remained level. Blackberry continued its decline in the US and now holds less than 2% market share.

Countries such as Germany, Spain and France have all increased their Android market share, however some of the biggest increases have happened in countries such as Brazil and China where Android’s market share has increased by 26% and 50% respectively.

Russia has seen a sharp drop in Nokia’s market share with the Finnish handset maker losing 19 points over the past 12 months and Android picking up the majority of that loss (up 18 points).

Worldwide, Android is leading the charge making impressive gains in the last year (up 14%). Apple sits in second place with 26% of the market as Nokia slips down into third with 22%. Overall we are seeing Android’s market share increase in a large proportion of countries around the world, especially in developing markets. Android offers a large variety of cheaper handsets which are popular in markets where phones are often not carrier subsidised, making handsets like the iPhone prohibitively expensive for the average consumer. Given the trends we’ve seen over the past 2-3 years I believe we can expect Android to take over 50% of the global market within a few years.

Grey Lyons is research and insight manager at iCrossing

  • Durlov

    Dated data. With windows coming in and getting out of stock in the US and China, the trends are quickly changing. Secondly you can’t compare an OS with Nokia. You could have said Symbian.

  • Edgarpoole

    Dated? It’s completely wrong on the UK. I can’t read the source of the data – but it’s not ownership (or even % smartphone ownership) Android has well over 30% of the total UK mobile market (installed base), overtaking Apple in May 2011. Apple now have about 20%. Stats from comScore MobiLens. Chart = Total rubbish.

  • Neiljdonald

    Very poor. Unreliable and outdated data… Looks like somebody needs to have a word with their data partners…

  • luis araujo

    How is this dated? I’ve looked around other websites and Samsung has shipped 65M worldwide and Apple around 35M. Sorry Apple fanboys, it hurts.

  • sherlyee

    yes right android was domianting and much more popular in peoples so it was a very good news so thanks for sharing such a nice news.Android News

  • iu

    why India stick to Nokia? :)