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Android dominates worldwide: 2013 mobile market share [infographic]

Every year we like to take a look at the state of mobile usage around the world, what platforms dominate in each country and how this has changed over time. The last 12 months have seen some interesting changes in the mobile landscape with Android being the biggest winner and Nokia the biggest loser. In the UK BlackBerry continues to hold on for dear life as it slips from 2nd into 3rd position, dropping 11 percentage points over the last 12 months. Read More »

The social media dilemma for the world of finance

The City of London home of financial services in the UKWhat’s the point of social media for financial services companies? I was asked by a client recently. Easy peasy, I thought, and started trotting out well practised verses including phrases like “engagement” and “community”. Yes, but why should we do it? He asked. What’s the benefit to my business?

I was momentarily stumped. Working in financial services PR, I’m asked a version of this question weekly. Teenagers, media types and many consumer-facing brands have embraced social media, finding creative uses for the seemingly limitless number of platforms launched every year.   Read More »

Instagram growing quickly as Facebook mobile revenues double

Mark Zuckberg: says Instagram is doing well as Facebook mobile revenue growsFacebook beat Wall Street’s expectations and revenues climbed 40% in the fourth quarter with a doubling of mobile revenues. Fourth-quarter earnings hit $64m (£40.5m), compared with $302m a year earlier, on revenues of $1.59bn. There was good news as well on the mobile front as the company announced that mobile revenues had doubled and that mobile users now exceeded desktop ones. Read More »

Bet on engaging with Twitter not selling

Screen-shot-2011-01-10-at-10.01.42The best way to engage with consumers is actually to be non-corporate and not to sell your services. An oxymoron? No just engage by being engaging not selling. A great example of this is Betfair Poker.

Their entire Twitter feed is non-corporate and as a result has a massive following who regularly reTweet their posts. An example of Betfair’s off the wall humour is there everyday to enjoy and worth following just to make you smile.

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