How Egypt’s Intercontinental hotel dramatically sent out a Twitter SOS as it came under attack

They turned on the light. People just standing outside Intercontinental Semiramis and social media played a huge part in the Arab Spring as it unfolded in Eygpt in 2011 and as the country continues to struggle with political division new dramas are unfolding daily on Egypt’s streets. These dramatically came to life last night as The Semiramis InterContinental hotel in Cairo sent out a Twitter SOS via is @ICSEMIRAMIS handle as it came under attack by thugs.

Demonstrators had already burned police vehicles as they fought with police near Tahrir Square and then headed for the hotel.

We have seen some dramatic moments on Twitter before. Notably the Tweeting of the Navy Seal raid to kill Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad.

Have a read of the @ICSEMIRAMIS timeline below to see how the events of the night unfolded and how it was retweeted around the world.