Daily Archives: 29 January, 2013

Vine: 20 brands experimenting with video ads

Brands are experimenting with Twitter's VineOver the weekend and yesterday there was much Tweeting about how porn had already reached Twitter’s Vine video app. Twitter is taking action against pornography on Vine and banning searches for explicit content and deleting X-rated users. It has also apologised for a “human error” that highlighted a graphic NSFW clip on the Vine homepage on Monday. That was maybe not the kind of showcase we had been expecting.

Now some more positive experiments are taking place as brands begin to look at how they can use it for mini ads. Or if not ads then amusing pieces of bite sized content. Is that the same thing? I think it is. Read More »

Archiving Twitter: is it really worth the hassle?

US Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archiveA story in the Telegraph recently outlined the US Library of Congress plans to archive all tweets, in order to preserve a picture of American society for posterity. After my initial reaction of: What? How? Why? How much? a clearer view of the benefits is starting to emerge.  Read More »

How Egypt’s Intercontinental hotel dramatically sent out a Twitter SOS as it came under attack

They turned on the light. People just standing outside Intercontinental Semiramis pic.twitter.com/zF30xg48Twitter and social media played a huge part in the Arab Spring as it unfolded in Eygpt in 2011 and as the country continues to struggle with political division new dramas are unfolding daily on Egypt’s streets. These dramatically came to life last night as The Semiramis InterContinental hotel in Cairo sent out a Twitter SOS via is @ICSEMIRAMIS handle as it came under attack by thugs.

Demonstrators had already burned police vehicles as they fought with police near Tahrir Square and then headed for the hotel. Read More »

Can Blackberry bounce back this week? Tell us if you’ll choose RIM again

BlackBerry 10: RIM released thousands of prototypes of its new deviceSome tech writers have been getting a little frothy about Research in Motion’s chances of pulling a huge save out of the bag this week as it rolls out its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and a couple of new phones. It is a precipice moment in RIM’s history. There is going to be a $3.7m (£2.3m) 30-second Super Bowl TV spot and masses of other marketing activity to build buzz. It needs it. Read More »