Pinterest faces new challenge from UK start-up Publicate

London based start up Publicate has today come out of Alpha and into Beta, and announced itself to the world with a web tv series. Publicate allows users to build Pinterest style collections, but from any media across the web. The service is also connected to a variety of social networks, so that users can easily share their collections with friends and followers. I got to test Publicate earlier in the development process, and what I really liked was the range of media that could be compiled within the service.

As well as images, and video, users can compile audio clips, documents, and web articles using the Publicator tool in the service, or the bookmarklet in a browser. While many services specialise in compiling and sharing one media type, Publicate allows everything into multi-layered collections. Publicate is also very easy to use, and will be second nature to anyone who has used Pinterest or Storify before.  Publicate includes a social element whereby people can follow you within Publicate, as well as the aforementioned easy linking to Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, collections are embeddable into other sites.

Publicate has clear uses for media and brands too. I can certainly see brands building Publicate collections, allowing them to display a variety of media and information about themselves. The company say that their platform is perfect for content marketers, who are having to create multimedia content across a growing number of platforms. Publicate becomes a one stop shop to compile content of all types, and then share it out.

Given that journalists already frequently build digital stories by curating content in Storify, the wider variety of media that can be stored and then embedded within Publicate could make it a really valuable tool in that industry too. You could see brands using it in the same way too.

I spoke to Publicate founder Chris Bradley about its more from alpha to a fully fledged public beta, which has already seen sign-ups go through the roof.

‘Suitcase Start-up’

As if launching his first start-up wasn’t enough, Bradley is the feature of a YouTube TV programme called ‘Suitcase Start-up’, which tells of the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey. It will be followed by cameras and broadcast over the internet. The Suitcase Start-up project is being sponsored by a variety of high profile backer’s like Robert Scoble’s Rackspace, Smarta, and  NatWest Business 99designs TheNextWeb and Newspepper. Here’s the first episode:

  • Urban Media

    Great to see a UK based social network, if it is anything like Pinterest and Storify it could be useful for businesses.

  • Ben Harrow

    Not really like Pinterest, more a (much needed) rival to Delicious. Seems, at first glance, a little too fiddley- too many things to fill in when trying to quickly save something, and too much focus on the social. never understood why book-marking was social first and actual factual bookmarking second.

    Potential though.

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