Addicted to the web – two thirds ‘need’ the internet to function [infographic]

Addicted to the web: Many of us can't take a break from the interent Almost two thirds of people now admit they ‘need’ the internet to function in everyday life, according to new research. The study of 2,000 people has found that, on average, we only go a maximum of 90 minutes during the day without checking Facebook, Twitter or email. As many as one in ten even admit they don’t go longer than ten minutes during the day without logging on to catch up with friends or work.

The study, conducted by domain name specialists Siteopia, also found a not unsurprising shift towards mobile technology with 10% of people now accessing the internet primarily on their mobile and 5% accessing via a tablet.

With all that time spent online, there’s obviously a lot to hide- almost one in five men delete their browser history every day, with a slightly-less-concerned 45% of men deleting their browser history at least once a week.

The dependance on the internet is even stronger for some, as a massive 62% now do all their banking online- a third even admit they do all of their clothes shopping online, with free returns and delivery becoming an ever more common feature.

The survey also looked at the general surfing habits of men and women, with the ladies still more likely to go online for Facebook or online shopping- while men lean towards news, Twitter, and NSFW material.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men are four times more likely to access porn or NSFW material, while one in eight women admit to going online to view adult material each week.