Daily Archives: 25 January, 2013

There are still no shortcuts to Social Media ROI

Last year I sat on a few panels that dealt with issues the social media industry has been waxing lyrical about for years; ROI, standards and such. The first – that of measurement – is the Holy Grail for anyone working in this space. Still. Rolling out ‘it’s all about being human’ or ‘you can engage with your audience on a completely different level’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. Yes, these two points are relevant when you’re looking at the value of investment in social – but that’s totally different to working out the return. Read More »

Addicted to the web – two thirds ‘need’ the internet to function [infographic]

Addicted to the web: Many of us can't take a break from the interent Almost two thirds of people now admit they ‘need’ the internet to function in everyday life, according to new research. The study of 2,000 people has found that, on average, we only go a maximum of 90 minutes during the day without checking Facebook, Twitter or email. As many as one in ten even admit they don’t go longer than ten minutes during the day without logging on to catch up with friends or work. Read More »

The Age of Innovation is over’ – haven’t we heard this one before?

There has been a lot of interesting debate recently, about current levels of innovation in the business world and whether, in spite of the whiz of the web and digital technology, we are actually living in a time of low innovation.  John Winsor’s piece Is Innovation Dead? makes the interesting point that in organisations, innovation has historically taken place near the edges of companies – where it can plough it’s own individual furrow and where it does not affect the direction and composure of the mothership organisation. Read More »

Google’s European tactics called into question

We’ve recently seen in the media that Joaquin Almunia, the European Commission’s competition chief, has outlined his disapproval of Google’s tactics within the European search market, saying that the company is giving ‘undue prominence’ to its own services within search results.  In particular he has highlighted concerns around Google’s maps, news and shopping comparison offerings, believing that they are driving traffic away from rival websites. Read More »