Twitter looks to become Instagram for video

Twitter are starting to roll out videos in posts challenging InstagramTwitter CEO Dick Costolo has posted a message that will get more attention than usual. It included a short video clip, embedded into the Tweet, using the Vine service that Twitter acquired last October.

The video was also Tweeted by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, an featured a six second video of  steak steak tartare.

Here is the tweet that Costolo and Hoffman posted:

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey also got in on the action, retweeting Hofman’s original tweet:

Currently the only way to share a video now in Twitter is to post the link, even Hoffman previously had to include links to Vine videos. However, this development shows videos included directly in tweets, watchable by clicking on the ‘view media’ option at the bottom of a post.

While six seconds really isn’t all that long, animated GIFs are popular so there is no reason that short video content would not be.

Integrating embeddable video into Twitter would be a clear challenge to Instagram, particularly if there was a way to edit video within the Vine/Twitter network.

Instagram is clearly in ‘team Facebook’ after their acquisition, and Twitter need to develop more multimedia products in order to continue to compete with both those rival social networks. Instagram recently cut off Twitter cards integration.

Twitter also clearly feels threatened by Instrgram’s growing ability to break news, something that has long been its hallmark. It is also not the first time they have tried to challenge the photo app, releasing photo filters of their own in December.

Further development of Vine would give users another reason to use the Twitter website directly, instead of apps like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. This has a significance for Twitter’s revenue, as the website is the easiest place for them to place adverts and advertising products like promoted tweets and trends. If more people are using the website, that ad space becomes more valuable.

It is thought that the Vine/Twitter integration  will roll out  in Australia in the next few weeks, but it is not known when it will become widely available.