Twitter continues to evolve beyond 140 characters as it introduces updates to embedded Tweets

Twitter has introduced some updates to embedded Tweets that make them faster and more useful. The changes are part of Twitter’s continual evolvement beyond 140 characters making Tweets bigger than the sum of their characters and more engaging. We saw those changes begin last year when Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, announced plans for interactive tweets and content curration following the introduction of expanded Tweets in June.

Tweets now carry their original 140 characters, but they also carry story headlines and intros. They carry video and pictures, which make them so much more powerful than when they first arrived. They are stories in themselves, often complete; full stops that don’t necessarily require additional clicks.

It isn’t just pictures and videos, Twitter has reached beyond that and you can embed sound files and apps as Twitter packs more and more into the space of a Tweet that gives them the ability to carry just about anything and build anything into them.

The enhancements mean you can now view retweet and favourite counts to better understand engagement and see quickly how your Tweets are performing.

Twitter has also made some tweaks to the design so that embedded Tweets are easier to read. They will for instance load faster than they did before on the websites where you are viewing them.

The new embedded Tweets are designed to look much more like Tweets on and you can now embed them very much more easily.

Now it is simply a case of clicking the “More” button in any Tweet on, and then select “Embed this Tweet” to enrich your blog posts or pages. You can do the same on TweetDeck.

If you use embedded Tweets frequently Twitter has created some tips. These include such useful things as if you are using content management systems like WordPress you can simply copy the URL for a Tweet and paste it on a single line in your post like you do with a YouTube video. WordPress will do the rest of the work to insert the proper embed code and make the Tweet appear in your content.