Daily Archives: 23 January, 2013

“Adapt or die” – The Mail, Independent, Newsworks and Expedia on tablet take-up

Guy Zitter, group managing director, Mail Newspapers

Tablets are not killing newspapers, they’re offering a lifeline to the revitalisation and rebirth of ‘news brands’ beyond the dreaded paywall, say the experts. Assembled at Newsworks’ Tablet Summit, representatives from the likes of Guardian Media Group, Mail Newspapers, The Independent, Expedia and News International gave their take on the future of the newspaper industry as tablet take-up rockets. Guy Zitter group managing director at the Mail put it starkly. He said it was a case of ”Adapt or die”.

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The seven social networks to keep an eye on in 2013

If you could travel back in time to October 2010 and were reading the right blogs you might have heard about the launch of a little photo app that made your camera phone pictures look like Polaroids  By December of that same year it had one million users. The app, of course, was Instagram and now it has around 90 million active monthly users although it was reported to have lost many recently it is still going strong. What’s next though? Is there another Instagram out there waiting to break through? Read More »

The rise and rise of the social curriculum vitae [infographic]

The rise and rise of the social media resumeWe’ve written a few things about the rise of the social curriculum vitae and how you should consider ditching the traditional CV or resume in favour of an infographic as increasingly it is no longer enough to list your education and job experience on a Word document and email it to recruiters. That just won’t cut it. However, it isn’t simply about how you present yourself to potential employers with your social CV, but how you find yourself your next role to begin with. For many of us that means social media.

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Are there certain industries that shouldn’t be using Social Media?

There have been so many articles in recent years about why companies should be harnessing Social Media – most of these articles have been written by industry professionals like myself attempting to secure business. These articles often talk about the benefits for lead generation, developing online communities and securing brand reputation – all entirely acceptable and credible reasons for looking to integrate Social Media into a larger marketing and communications strategy. So, with this in mind I’ve decided to take an alternate approach and look at some industries and situations where Social Media simply might not be appropriate. Read More »

Twitter continues to evolve beyond 140 characters as it introduces updates to embedded Tweets

Twitter has introduced some updates to embedded Tweets that make them faster and more useful. The changes are part of Twitter’s continual evolvement beyond 140 characters making Tweets bigger than the sum of their characters and more engaging. We saw those changes begin last year when Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, announced plans for interactive tweets and content curration following the introduction of expanded Tweets in June. Read More »