Samsung launches BlackBerry bashing commercial showing users as uncool

As Blackberry gets ready to launch its long awaited Blackberry 10 (BB10) operating system, which is being rumoured to launch next week with the future of Research in Motion’s riding on it, Samsung has taken a potshot at it in this new ad. The Samsung ad makes a play to establish its phones as not only being for consumers, but for business users as well. In the spot we get to see a couple of Blackberry users who are made fun of and portrayed as older, decidedly uncool, and clinging to their devices and old fashion ways.  The message is clear: the cool kids have Samsung devices (and a love of unicorns) and they use them for both work and play.

However, like the Samsung, which allows users to maintain a work and play profile on their phones, the new Blackberry 10 also does this with its BlackBerry Balance feature, which keeps personal information separate from work data and allows users to switch between profiles with one simple gesture.

It is going to be very interesting to see how well received the new Blackberry 10 phones are and whether its users will stick with it in both the business and consumer markets. Blackberry is said to have at least two new models on the way  featuring BB10 including one with a touch screen, rumoured to be called the BlackBerry Z10, and a second with a more traditional Blackberry Qwerty keyboard called the X10.

TechRadar reported last month that the new phones will have 8 mega pixel cameras, in line with most rivals, and finally much faster web browsing. It gave the phone it had tested running BB10 the overall thumbs up:

“Although the BlackBerry 10 operating system is in development, we must say that we were impressed with how smooth and slick the interface felt under out fingers – seamlessly zipping around without fuss.

“BlackBerry assured us that is smooth experience would still be present in the final product, thanks to the clever integration of the HTML 5 system, which optimises the performance of the software. We certainly hope they’re right.

“There are plenty of features of BB 10 that are exciting – the gestures work very, very well after a few minutes, the powerful messaging ecosystem is still there and even the on screen keyboard is great,” Tech Radar reported.