Penguin’s Socially Powered Book Launch With Seth Godin

Thursday 17th January 2012, London

Penguin launched their ‘Penguin Live’ strand last night as Seth Godin arrived in London to launch his latest book ‘The Icarus Deception’ at The Mermaid Theatre. An audience of devout fans, media professionals and curious self-improvers descended on the City, hungry for more of what the Purple Cow author has become famous for – inspirational words for business people, marketers and entrepreneurs of all disciplines.

The new event strand is a move by Penguin to develop book launches and signings beyond the traditional format, creating richer and more rewarding experiences for book lovers. Last night’s event aimed to weave in some of Godin’s own philosophy by spreading the book online via Twitter. As well as every attendee receiving two free copies of The Icarus Deception on their seat – one for them and one for ‘the person who this book will most upset’ – last night’s talk used a Twitter-powered app built by London creative digital agency Harkable (disclosure: I work there) which allowed every attendee to gift free physical copies of the new book to two people who inspire, entertain or influence them on Twitter.

The Seth Godin event was the first standalone Penguin Live event and the publisher says that future events will feature established writers and upcoming talent, and cover a range of genres, themes and formats.

Tom Weldon, Penguin UK CEO, said “We’ve given a great deal of thought to how we can amplify the Penguin brand and find new ways to engage readers. Penguin Live is our branded live event strand that aims to take a genuinely creative approach in bringing readers and writers together. We want readers to see the Penguin Live branding and know they’re in for something special.”

Will Francis is a Director of London creative digital agency Harkable