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Penguin’s Socially Powered Book Launch With Seth Godin

Thursday 17th January 2012, London

Penguin launched their ‘Penguin Live’ strand last night as Seth Godin arrived in London to launch his latest book ‘The Icarus Deception’ at The Mermaid Theatre. An audience of devout fans, media professionals and curious self-improvers descended on the City, hungry for more of what the Purple Cow author has become famous for – inspirational words for business people, marketers and entrepreneurs of all disciplines.

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Using digital to drive high street footfall and keep customers loyal for longer [infographic]

With the demise of Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops, once again chatter moves to the death of the high street. The mistake here is in continuing to see the emergence of digital as the demise of offline experiences, instead of recognising how high street brands can use digital to not only optimise all other marketing activities, but also drive footfall and optimise the in-store experience.

I feel strongly that this conversation is not about the death of one communications channel, and with that, the emergence another; it’s about how digital amplifies offline and makes everything else in your marketing spend work that bit harder. Read More »

2013 is the year of the Foursquare renaissance

2013 is Foursquare’s year. Yes you read that right, and yes I realise it’s not 2009.  The novelty of collecting virtual rewards was enough on those days to keep people checking in, but casual users quickly dropped off when they realised they’d never become “mayor”. But Foursquare wasn’t out for the count. It just needed to stay relevant, so unlike many of its peers *cough* MySpace *cough* they innovated. Read More »

Facebook Graph Search: Prepare your Page

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook chief executive at the launch of Graph SearchFacebook’s search bar has been uncomfortably inadequate for a long time; it feels a bit like a book search on an early 2000s university library PC.  I always used to end up going back to the shelves armed with the alphabet. Read More »

Tesco has a social media moment as it cracks #horsemeat joke

Tesco Burgers: tesco has a social media moment during horsemeat scandalA bad week for Tesco and let’s not forget Iceland, Aldi and Lidl as the horsemeat burger story has cantered…okay enough of that. Yesterday Tesco took the initiative and ran national newspaper ads to apologise for selling beef burgers that contained horsemeat. In the midst of all of this social media, and Twitter in particular, has largely been used to mock the UK’s biggest supermarket chain. Tesco’s own customer care Twitter account @UKTesco, which strikes a generally light and humorous tone, has been fairly quiet during the #horsemeat scandal and could have been used to better effect.

Tesco has clearly been monitoring social media where many of us first heard about the #horsemeat story and last night it decided to shake things up a little and its @UKTesco account took a chance and cracked a perfectly timed #horsemeat joke and it seems to have paid off. Read More »