Why you need to keep calling yourself a rockstar Social Media guru if you like

Why you need to keep calling yourself a rockstar Social Media guru if you likeSo, there’s been this Social Media Gurus’ affair for the last three weeks. B.L. Ochman had the interesting idea to analyze for Advertising Age the job titles on Twitter of Social Media industry professionals. And as a matter of fact, a lot of our crowd picked in their bios some very original “Ninja” and “gurus” indications. Nothing really new…still the same debate about “experts”.

But my main trouble is that the article did not stop after pointing that. Based on the “insight” that human beings tend to be megalomaniac, B.L. Ochman shared with us a *fundamental* recommendation:

    “Twitter bios allow a mere 140 characters, plus a URL. Therefore, one most boil one’s bio down to what one thinks represents one’s most essential facts. “

The conversations surrounding the article skyrocketed  Thousands of twitter users celebrating together against an easy enemy  creepy Social Media mavens. So many brighter guys who started sharing their tips & tricks; recommending clients to escape from gurus (to pitch them?); telling the world that they’re – of course – different. Some very serious organizations also shared with us 10 job titles to avoid in 2013 (eConsultancy).

I’m going to tell you a secret: I think that if calling yourself a guru is crap, giving the world lessons on how we should call ourselves is even worse. Moreover when it comes to a 140-sign one.

Social Media industry is highly conservative

We’re generally accusing Facebook and Google of promoting a certain filter bubble. Bloody algorithm! But the bad boys we should blame the most are…US. How many times have we read (or published) how to contents, articles, guidelines, full of orders instead of possibilities?

Where on Social Media Earth had we read that we should transport a guy in the sky for a near-space jump? It worked. Where on Social Media Earth had we read that a candidate for the US Presidential elections should communicate on Reddit?

Well, there does not seem to have absolute truths in Social Media channels. So using “would” or “could” when we write about them could be great.

Some Social Media experts forget the real world

In the comments of the articles reinforcing the hate against Social Media gurus, many *experts* (as you see, it’s ok to say that you’re an expert when you denunciate gurus, uh?) declared that a Twitter bio which would display the words “rockstar” or “guru” (etc.) could be a good reason not to work with the person. Oh really?

What about Seth Godin, living marketing legend (Social Media and else) who does not tweet? Is he not bankable?

I know for instance a fantastic developer, who has developed some very successful platforms in Europe, highly respectable. His twitter bio (and LinkedIn) (and blog bio) is “I’m a rockstar developer”. Where’s the button “fun” in Social Media guidelines?

Too bad for the Social Media blinkered thinking: you’ve just missed the boys.

As a conclusion, I’d like to know if I need to go to a pyschotherapist or not: my Twitter bio starts with the fact that I ❤ Tesco Wines. Where does it fit in your dogmatic Social Media approach?

Laurent François is MD of consultancy French Ideas.