What brands can learn from the Skittles rainbow-inspired Twitter feed

We’ve written several times before about brands finding their social media voice and how difficult that can be. But if brands can get it right, if they can get that certain mix, the results can deliver great levels of consumer engagement. More than that, they can deliver an appreciation that makes the effort worth while and do wonders for how the brand is viewed. This seems to be what Skittles has managed to achieve with its highly entertaining Twitter feed.

Other brands have done this very well in the past either on a consistent basis or as one off pieces of customers service.

For instance we have had 02 showing us how you do great customer service on Twitter (street style).

Sainsbury’s amusing response to a sandwich complaint and ‘possibly the greatest conversation on Twitter ever’ between coffee brand Douwe Egberts and The Dolphin pub in Hackney.

Of course, there is also the Betfair Poker Twitter feed, which is seen as one of the earliest examples of this kind of feed and effort to do something a little different.

There are others too such as the Oxford Street branch of Waterstone’s and its geek filled Tweet stream.

Now I think we can add to that list @Skittles whose feed is quite literally like its product and comes across as if it has tasted the Rainbow — someone really has been sampling the product.

Skittles, which has grown its Twitter following to 56,000, employs off beat humour and talks a lot about animals both real and no longer so real and it works. It gets high levels of engagement that any brand would love to have.

Take a look at its Tweets below and see what you think. Is it a success or has the Twitter feed strayed too far from the brand?

Personally I think it’s great. Irreverent, amusing  and really quite winning. Its Tweets are getting heavily shared. Some being retweeted hundreds of times.