Most viral videos of 2012 [infographic]

As we all settle into the swing of things for 2013, here’s am infographic round-up of the most viral brand videos of 2012.  Charity Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video tops the most-viewed chart with 95 million views, with Turkish airlines coming second with 58 million views. 

When it comes to shares it interesting to see Kony 2012 again topping the charts (nearly 10 million in total), but Turkish airlines is nowhere to be seen – indicating that they’re likely to have bought a large amount of media to generate such a high number of views.

Going beyond individual videos, and looking at the total number of views/shares brands have generated across multiple views, Samsung tops the charts from a view perspective, with 141 million views, but only comes in at number 10 in the chart from a share perspective, with 657,000 shares, indicating that Samsung should maybe be investing more into good quality content – rather than spending so much money on paid media.

All data for the chart was compiled by the Viral Ad Network, and data sourced directly from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

  • HamidSirhan

    Interesting, but do you have a better-quality version?

  • Christopher Quigley

    Hey Hamid – there’s a better version here: Sadly the Wall blog system has a file size limit, so couldn’t upload a better version ;-(

  • GoViral Media Group

    can we pay you to put my company as a sponsor on your future infographics? . Please contact me, this is right up our alley.