Tina Fey explains why she doesn’t use Twitter

Tina Fey takes time to explain why she doesn't use TwitterTina Fey creator of ’30 Rock’ isn’t on Twitter. She isn’t alone. There are other great TV writers who aren’t on Twitter. Aaron Sorkin to name just one. Yes him, the writer of the ‘West Wing’,  ‘The Newsroom’, and ‘The Social Network’. Yes, that film about Facebook, which he isn’t on either.  I digress, but Sorkin also appeared as a guest star on ’30 Rock’ as himself where he and Fey discussed Angry Birds (see below).

As for Fey, she has taken the time in a comic rant to explain in her video blog why she does not use Twitter and isn’t using it under a sneaky pseudonym. Her main reason seems to be that “most people are so boring they should shut up” and that they fill it with a useless compilation of uninteresting things she doesn’t care about. She also worries that we are wasting “the internets”.

She suggests people get a licence to use Twitter and she is happy to the Twitter licencing bureau. This might possibly shrink future revenue opportunities.

Of course Tina Fey should be on Twitter. She simply needs an expert tutorial and once she has worked out you can filter people out she will be Tweeting away like some other very funny types on. Emma Caulfield springs to mind. She also has a great video blog.

Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine has some advice for Fey and certainly thinks she should join:

“The overwhelming majority is total crap. But you don’t follow the overwhelming majority. You just follow people you find interesting. And I realize Fey is being funny here, but the premise of her rant is totally mistaken in a way that seems common.

“If you’re Tina Fey, maybe you follow your colleagues in the comedy world, and maybe you follow your favorite writers, too. Do you like reading Ezra Klein? I like Ezra Klein. Everybody likes Ezra Klein. I suspect even the people who hate Ezra Klein secretly like Ezra Klein. He’s very well informed! So I follow Ezra Klein on Twitter, and if he (or any of the writers tilling the soil on his burgeoning blog empire) writes anything, he’ll send the link out on Twitter, and also share some interesting observations. So if you’re watching, say, a presidential press conference or something, you can use Twitter to watch it along with Ezra Klein and other the people you pick to follow,” from New York magazine.

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