Daily Archives: 14 January, 2013

Instagram loses half of its active users in a month

Super Storm Sandy Instagram pic by TitiYuThe fall out from Instagram’s changes to its Terms of Service (ToS) at the end of last year has proved far more calamitous for the Facebook-owned Photo app than first imagined. Instagram appears to have lost half of its active users in a month, according to new data. Read More »

The UK Facebook population hits 27 million

Facebook has revealed that the site’s British population has climbed to 27 million, representing over two thirds of the country, with 19 million accessing it via their mobile device. The figures, that come via Nielsen, have been released as part of a retail launch in which Facebook book is offering tips and advice to help retailers get the most out of Facebook.

Overall, Facebook has around one billion users worldwide and receives 3.2 billion likes or comments every day. British Facebook users are among the most active and on average they spend almost seven hours a month connecting on the social network. Read More »

Facebook launches 5 steps to social media retail success

Facebook is having a new year focus on retailers and has put together a new Retail Centre for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK. They can download what it believes are the five steps to retail success (see below). It is also sharing what has worked for some of the social media success stories in the retail sector such as ASOS and The English Cheesecake Company.

In addition Facebook, which currently has around one billion users and receives 3.2 billion likes or comments every day, has provided some more stats for the Retail Centre from Nielson including the fact that 27 million Brits use it every month, which represents more than two thirds of the British population. Read More »

How is social media affecting the way our pop heroes are uncovered?

One Pound Fish Man: Muhammad NazirAstonishingly, I only heard of the “One Pound Fish” man the other day, which is proof that even if one’s job description involves a healthy dose of social media, one is not necessarily tuned in to the zeitgeist! (I was pretty slow to pick up on Gangnam Style, too).

“One Pound Fish Man” (who, contrary to popular belief it seems, actually has a name: Muhammed Nazir) is the perfect example of a grassroots internet phenomenon. But is he destined for a brief, if glorious, period of fame? And is there a certain exploitation of the “funny guy at the market”? Read More »

The winners and loses in social media in 2012 [infographic]

2012 was a big year for social media so as we move full steam ahead into 2013, and all the predictions it has brought, now is the perfect time to look back at the past year of social and see exactly what kind of year the past 12 months proved to be for the main players.  This infographic from Pardot takes a look at Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook (no Instagram) and gives them each an end of year school report card in terms of growth, users and ROI. Read More »