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Facebook is charging $100 to send a message to Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: "guys you can send me a Facebook message for $100"How badly do you want to get in contact with Mark Zuckerberg? Maybe you have a genius idea that you want to share with the Facebook founder and CEO. Or maybe you want to let him know exactly what you think of the most recent changes to privacy it hasmade or what it is doing to Instagram? Just a thought.

Whatever the case is Mashable is reporting that Facebook, ever more eager to make a buck or two, is offering the chance to send a message to Zuckerberg all for the princely sum of $100.  Read More »

Favourites – The new way of saying thank you on Twitter

Since Twitter redesigned it’s apps, and later the main Twitter.com website, “Favourites” have become more and more prominent. While previously Favourites were a semi-private collection that allowed some to bookmark posts, recent changes mean that they are now a prominent form of interaction between users.

Favourites are now shown in a clear list along with re-tweets in the redesigned ‘Interactions’ tab. Additionally, you can see what people you follow are favouriting in the ‘Discover’ of Twitter.

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5 Social Media Tools to help you save cash

Every pound saved counts, whether you’re saving up for retirement, or just the next round of holiday gifts! No matter what your goals are, here are five social media tools to help you save money at every turn.

First up My Voucher Codes. When it comes to coupons and voucher codes for retailers in the UK, there simply isn’t a better source. Read More »

Amazon offers free digital copy with CD sales past and present

Amazon is launching a new service called ‘Auto-Rip’ which will give customers a free MP3 digital copy of CDs they have ever purchased, or will purchase in the future. Users will be informed that music they have bought in the past is already there, waiting for them in the cloud.

The service will sadly at present only apply in the US. It initially covers about 50,000 albums so far including new ones from Adele, and timeless classics like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

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Twitter unveils Premiership football league tables: Man City, Chelsea and Spurs lead

Manchester City Football Club tops Twitter Premiership Football Club League tablesSport is huge on Twitter and social media more generally. We last week saw how John Terry managed to make headlines as he revealed on Instagram that Frank Lampard was leaving Chelsea. Anyone who uses Twitter in the UK can not escape Saturday football as Premier League related hashtags fly freely (other leagues are available). To highlight that Twitter has created the #TwitterLeagueTable to show some of the great uses of Twitter by Premier league clubs, players and fans.

We’ve known for a while that some clubs are better at social that others. Manchester City has long been a leader in digital and has Chelsea. Recently we saw Man City create a virtual sticker app and put a hashtag on the pitch. In West London, Chelsea was recently revealed as the most social Premiership club and more than a million tweets were sent to mark its win over Bayern Munich. Read More »

Singapore leads the world on smartphone penetration – bad news for Apple

samsung singaporeSingapore has the greatest penetration of smartphones in the world, 90% of the 5.3 population according to the MMA, 92% according to Flurry. 2nd is Australia with 70%. Countries like the UK and America have only just passed 50% amongst the general population, over 70% amongst 15-65 year olds.

Singaporeans are mad about technology and the latest gadgets. They happily form queues for the latest ipad and the latest Samsung Note or Galaxy smartphone. Interestingly it’s this surge towards the Asian brand Samsung over the US brand Apple which could spell doom for the Steve Jobs-less mega giant as Singapore appears to set the trend the rest of the world follows….





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