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How Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die got 5 million Twitter followers

Funny or Die, the comedy video site co-founded by ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Elf’ star Will Ferrell in 2006, hit the 5 million follower milestone earlier this week. To celebrate Funny or Die has drafted in the man himself to talk social media and explain the whole Twitter process. Sort of.

In the video Ferrell not only makes fun of Twitter, which he has yet to join, but also fires the intern. As well as five million Twitter followers Funny or Die also has almost two million Facebook fans and another 370,000 followers on its Tumblr blog. Check out the video below. Read More »

Brands failing to realise the potential of Google+

Google+ is a ghost town when it comes to brand involvement.

That’s if you believe the findings of some research we released today.

We took 50 of the UK’s fastest growing technology brands as ranked by Deloitte. These are all companies that – for one reason or another – are absolutely flying at the moment and posting massively impressive growth figures. They should be shining examples that we can all aspire to. Read More »

David Karp and the future of Tumblr advertising

In the current edition of Forbes magazine there is a really interesting article with Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp. In recent times the blogging platform has gone from the niche destination of choice for hipsters and cat lovers to one of the most powerful social networks on the web.

It’s all meant that Karp is now worth over $200 million. He is 26.

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Yahoo traffic shows steep decline in private comScore stats

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer faces problem of Mail And Search Traffic Dropping Staggeringly FastYahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer has a problem on her hands. Two out of three of Yahoo’s biggest sources of traffic, namely email and search, are declining rapidly, according to new private ComScore numbers reported by AllThingsD. That only leaves its prime location homepage as one major area that is growing. Considering Mayer’s goal is to take Yahoo back to its roots “as a consumer internet company” that could prove to be a huge problem. Read More »