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Mail Online editor tops GQ’s list of Most Influential Digital Men in Britain

While Boris Johnson, riding on the tails of London’s Olympic glory, has taken the top spot in GQ’s 100 Most Influential Men in Britain in its February issue a string of digital figures have made the list including some very high up. Topping the list of digital personalities is the editor of the Mail Online, Martin Clarke, who features at 11 in the overall 100, but is number one in terms of digital players.

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Will 2013 be the year of earned media for brands?

2012 was the year that saw content marketing truly come into its own. Brands started to take notice; publishing blogs, news, webinars, infographics and creating educational, responsive websites. They began combining owned media (websites, social media accounts and content platforms, like blogs) with paid media (advertising of all kinds, sponsorships).

In short, brands discovered the power of content – in all its forms.

What’s left for 2013, then? This is the year wherein brands’ owned and paid media strategies will take a back step; making way for the big daddy – earned media. Read More »

Think of Facebook “as a self-absorbed, petulant brat, that doesn’t understand how to play well with others”

Advertising Age has published what reads as a damning round up of recent activity at Facebook. This includes the controversial recent privacy changes. The point of the piece is that Facebook isn’t a start-up anymore and these are growing pains. Shockingly perhaps, Facebook will be ten next year. Yes, 2013 represents its ninth birthday.

However, the piece argues that “despite Facebook’s Harvard-dorm-room roots, the company’s modus operandi is more stubbornly childish than post-collegiate”.  The Ad Age piece says we should “think of Facebook as a self-absorbed, petulant brat, one that doesn’t understand how to play well with others” and that include users, investors, partners, competitors”.   Read More »

The Five Trends every marketer should be aware of in 2013

Mobile purchasing through NFC will take at least another year2012 was a fast paced year in the world of digital marketing and advertising. 2013 will be no less quick! Here are 5 predictions on the big things brands will be devoting their time and budget to, and how brands can act to stay ahead of the game in 2013.  Read More »