How news can break on Instagram as John Terry reveals Lampard is leaving Chelsea

Lots of excitement among Chelsea fans today as John Terry possibly revealed that his friend and team mate Frank Lampard is leaving the Premier League club. The  fact that Lampard is leaving is no surprise to football fans, as speculation about his future has been rife, but how the apparent confirmation from inside the West London club came is more note worthy.

We never think of news breaking on Instagram and we haven’t seen it used like that very much to date. What we have seen in recent months is Instagram achieve its ‘big citizen-journalism moment‘ as it became a key social channel during Superstorm Sandy in the US.

Last year it was the Arab Spring and the death of Osama bin Laden, and how those events unfolded on Twitter. At the end of 2012, in the last days of what was seen very much as the Twitter election, we also had Superstorm Sandy and saw the photo-sharing app achieve its citizen-journalism moment in a battered New York City as thousands shared their pictures of the storm and they were reshared around the world.

Although those Superstorm sandy pictures were more photographic commentary rather than pure news, posting pictures as news, with just a line of comment, is a natural continuation of that process.

All Terry wrote to accompany a picture of the two of them holding the FA Cup was: “Devastated is an understatement. We should retire the number 8 shirt in honour of Lamps.”

Although he later posted: “I have seen franks agents quotes on sky yesterday. That’s all I’m going on nothing more”.

It gives you an indication of the kind of things we could see a lot more of on Instagram particularly as it develops its own web presence. 

More news breaking on Instagram and actual news organisations beginning to use it in that way, as they do with Twitter at the moment, seems a distinct possibility.