The end of print – the final issue of Newsweek #lastprintissue [Print is dead]

The end of print - the final issue of Newsweek #lastprintissueNewsweek has revealed the image that will grace its final print cover, before it goes digital only in 2013, as its 80-year history in print comes to an end. It has chosen to go out with a vintage photo of its old New York headquarters. Fittingly the black and white photo is accompanied by a hashtag: “#lastprintissue”. The cover brings the past and the future together on one page. The final issue follows the announcement in October that Newsweek was to close as part of cost cutting and an acknowledgement that the age of the newsweekly is at an end.

Editor in chief Tina Brown, who has edited Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, unveiled Newsweek’s final front cover via Twitter and posted the image along with the comment:”Bitter sweet! Wish us luck!”

The decision to use a hashtag on its front cover is being seen as symbolic of the passing of the baton from print to online in a world where Twitter and the hashtag are the winners in the digital age of news and where print and Newsweek are among the losers.

Brown said the move represented a “a new chapter” for Newsweek, which she has edited since 2010 when it was merged with The Daily Beast.

In her final editor’s letter in print Brown wrote: “This is not a conventional magazine, or a hidebound place. It is in that spirit that we’re making our latest, momentous change, embracing a digital medium that all our competitors will one day need to embrace with the same fervor. We are ahead of the curve.”

The end of print - the final issue of Newsweek #lastprintissue