Careless social media posts put careers of young adults at risk [infographic]

Graduates entering the workplace carry increasing amounts of digital bagageOver one in eight young adults aged between 18 and 25-years-old are posting online in anger about their boss or workplace and therefore putting their jobs at risk. This is one of the findings in research from AVG as part of its Digital Diaries series, called Digital Baggage.

With the typical 20 year old now having a digital footprint that spans a decade or more this infographic looks at the type of ‘digital baggage’ young adults entering the workplace are acquiring, and whether this might adversely affect their career prospects.

The key results:

13% of young adults admit to having had a bad day at work where they posted something “abusive” about either their boss or company.  This includes 11% of UK 18-25 year olds, 13% of American young adults, 16% in Spain and 18% in Italy

60% do not filter posts that Facebook friends who are also workmates can see.

25% even have their boss as their Facebook friend, a figure which increases to 30% in the UK while in the US one in three (33%) young adults are Facebook friends with their boss

27% admit to there being ‘inappropriate’ photos of them online.

46% say that there are photos on the internet of them that they wish they could remove (in the UK this is 55%)

AVG polled 4,400 school and University graduates aged 18-25 in 11 countries: The USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Czech Republic, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Further results from this and all the other Digital Diaries surveys can be found at

  • Big A

    Really? I find the country differences interesting to some extent. Surely most people seem to compartmentalize their social media…

    Facebook = crap for/from friends
    LinkedIn = crap for/from work people
    Twitter = crap from all of the above.