Daily Archives: 21 December, 2012

Revolutions in Facebook Reach

Recently I took part in the Open Graph panel at the AllFacebook Conference, and found myself sitting next to Jon Morter, the guy that runs the Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Facebook.  He also started the successful campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to UK No.1 at Christmas 2009 instead of the X Factor winner.  So, yeah, he’s a bit of a revolutionary hero.  Read More »

The rise of the ‘big data’-driven CMO

Marketing more than ever is a science. Not only has it had to evolve into that because tough times dictate that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to be able to justify their efforts in monetary terms, but the playing field has become an increasingly large and competitive one. As a result, the reliance on ‘Big Data’ has never been so important to all those involved.

Today’s CMO not only has to consider traditional forms of marketing data, but also has to face up to the exponential growth of non-traditional data sources, as e-commerce grows and social and mobile channels increasingly become the norm for customers. According to Gartner, there are already more than a billion people on Facebook, 5.6 billion mobile devices in use and 14% of all economic activity is now transacted across digital resources. Read More »

Careless social media posts put careers of young adults at risk [infographic]

Graduates entering the workplace carry increasing amounts of digital bagageOver one in eight young adults aged between 18 and 25-years-old are posting online in anger about their boss or workplace and therefore putting their jobs at risk. This is one of the findings in research from AVG as part of its Digital Diaries series, called Digital Baggage.

With the typical 20 year old now having a digital footprint that spans a decade or more this infographic looks at the type of ‘digital baggage’ young adults entering the workplace are acquiring, and whether this might adversely affect their career prospects. Read More »