Reaching the milestone – Smartphone ownership rises above the 50% mark for the first time

With the latest wave of Ipsos MORI’s Technology tracker comes something of a technology landmark to end 2012 with. Smartphone ownership rises above the 50% mark for the first time. Considering that in 2010 the figure stood at just 20% that is rather impressive.

This is of course the latest in a series of technology milestones in the 21 century. It started with mobile phone ownership reaching 50% in 2000 followed by internet access reaching the same level only a year later.  But this was the most impressive milestone in terms of internet access arguably came years later in 2006 when the majority of the population finally had broadband access.

And, with 44% now accessing the internet via their Smartphone, the next point on the horizon will be when mobile web users top 50% – something we will see within just a matter of months.

A milestone further off in the future is tablet ownership increasing from its current 13% to the 50%. But Christmas is just around the corner now and a tablet might be the gift of choice for many. In addition to that 4G has recently been introduced by EE and will be picked up by more providers in 2013 increasing its accessibility even further. With a faster internet provider owning a tablet might become even more attractive. Maybe that milestone won’t be that far off after all.

But it’s not just in Technology where the magical 50% has been reached. Since it’s opening to the general population in 2006, Facebook has been growing steadily. This quarter for the first time half of the population said that they had visited the social network in the last 3 months. Considering that most other social networks are nowhere near to this number with Twitter being runner up at 17% this is rather remarkable.

Overall one thing is clear. Technology ownership is speeding up and milestones are reached much faster now than they were in the past. 2013 is coming fast at us now and with it there will be more milestones to be reached.

You can find the latest Tech Tracker report here.

Written by Gavin Sugden, Research Director and Ronja Damian, Marketing Assistant at Ipsos MediaCT. Follow Ipsos MediaCT on Twitter @IpsosMediaCT.