HTML cheat sheet for digital marketers [infographic]

HTML Cheat Sheet for marketersAlways handy, the HPS Group has created an ‘HTML cheat sheet’ for digital marketers as an infographic that covers all the basics needed for formatting blog posts and email and making simple changes to websites without the need to get the developers involved.

So many people managing digital projects but don’t know their

from their and can’t change the smallest fo things without having to call someone. If that’s you then take a  look at this infographic. HTML may look like gibberish at first, but once you know what you’re looking for it is much easier than you think to fix things.

As HPS says the key rule is anything inside triangle brackets is , and everything outside is >visible content<. Every instruction or “tag” you open with has to be closed with .  The rest is all here.


Infographic via H P S Group.

  • James Moore


  • dominic

    promoting w3schools & inline styles all in one fell swoop

  • Aaron

    They have even got the simple stuff wrong here! and have no effect on screen readers whereas and will be interpreted with the correct tone of voice. Structurally if you want to give a phrase emphasis or make it sound strong you should not use markup for italic and bold . There is also no mention of a single h1 tag and subsequent multiple h2, h3 etc tags, and finally it shouldn’t be beyond anyone these days to understand a and to keep code logical so the actual developers and designers can fix it more easily when it goes wrong. Sorry to be a bore at the party but this infographic is more along the lines of a little knowledge being dangerous rather than a a mini bible by your bedside. Just learn HTMLproperly, it isn’t difficult and will probably take no more than a few hours.

  • Emma Jones

    Shame is out of date, the use of and has been deprecated in the real world for years!

  • wanna-biz

    Woow men! You’r right but you don’t need kick Polly Becker ass that way!
    Be gently >:(

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    Thank you so much for the update.