Daily Archives: 17 December, 2012

What mobile needs to do to have a great 2013

You might describe the last twelve months as being the end of the beginning of mobile marketing. In 2011 brands were testing mobile, with ad spend in the tens of thousands, this year has seen individual brand spend move to the hundreds of thousands. But with mobile representing just seven per cent of digital spend in H1 2012, we don’t yet feel that it has become a mainstream advertising choice. We expect 2013 to see continued strong investment in mobile display and other channels, but there is still some way to go before mobile reaches its potential.

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SEO PR: the future for online visibility

For many years the worlds of public relations (PR) and search engine optimisation (SEO) have existed separately, providing companies with their benefits in a very disparate manner.  However, the time has arrived for the two strands to work together in order to offer the best possible online result, particularly in light of the changes brought in by Google Penguin.

This is where SEO PR comes in.  It focuses on the ‘credible’, places for brands to be seen online, and the ‘genuine’, organic activity such positive online conversations about the company. Read More »

Avoiding a Blue Christmas, post Black Friday

According to the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR) online prices are falling at their highest rate for five years. With the festive price war already in full flow, competition in the run-up to Christmas is fierce. With discounts everywhere a customer looks, whether they browse online or in store, how do brands compete for those all-important sales? Read More »