The Lavazza 2013 Social Calendar

The Lavazza Social caldendarLoved this idea from Italian coffee brand Lavazza which has been creating traditional calendars for twenty years, but with its agency Armando Testa wanted to make the leap to create something online like you had never seen before.

Called “Opera Viva” it is the first Social Calendar by Lavazza created in partnership with Instagram and overseen by digital artist Marco Brambilla. People were invited to send their video and pictures from all over the world via Instragam, Twitter and Facebook.

The thousands of submitted images from around the world have been collected together to create an iPhone app collated by Brambilla to create a “global video collage”. People will be able to download the calendar and personalise it and so making it unique.

Brambilla said that Opera Viva was the perfect integration between his passion for video collages and a meditation on time that flowers from the rich heritage of the Lavazza Calendars.

“This project renders homage and, at the same time, develops the idea of the demarcation of time in a traditional calendar, where the every day nature of our lives will be rendered extraordinary by the marvellous collisions of images that I will select, choosing them from the works that the public will make available to me on the web.

“The idea – the artist continues – is to redefine the delimitation of time itself imaging a Calendar that can exist only as a rich and alive experience based on time,” Brambilla said.

The app will be available from January 1 as well as appearing on the web. This video gives you some insight into the process and how Brambilla worked.