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The Guardian scraps Facebook frictionless sharing app

The Guardian ditches its frictionless sharing facebook appThe Guardian is scrapping some of the functionality within its much derided frictionless sharing Facebook app, in a seeming attempt to generate more direct traffic for its website. The app was launched in September last year, soon after Facebook’s F8 developer conference, which opened up Facebook as a platform. The Guardian were one one the first users of Facebook’s Open Graph system announced at that conference.

The app meant that users could read Guardian stories directly in Facebook, and the stories they were reading appeared in the newsfeed and ticker, and so where highlighted to reader’s friends.

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How to extend the reach of live events with social media

The 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards was a true social media triumph. A live event is no longer just about being in the room or at the venue. With social media you can be part of an event taking place on the other side of the world. Below we take a look at how all kinds of events are being enhanced by social media, and the different platforms being used to boost engagement. Read More »

Labour is failing on digital media when it could do so much better

Ed Miliband speaking at Labour's 2012 Manchester conferenceOne of the most interesting things about the US election campaign was the breadth of digital use and how the use of social media by the two parties evolved. Few stones were left unturned as the Obama and Romney campaigns progressed and even now that the election is over the Obama team continues to evolve its use of social and digital media with, for instance, its launch onto Pinterest earlier this week.

There is little the Obama team have not tried or experimented with from Tumblr, to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blogs and Foursquare.

Then take a look back at what is happening in the UK with Labour and it seems that social and digital media campaigning appears to be going backwards. I’ve noticed a few things recently that have left me scratching my head. I saw another one yesterday and have rounded up a few things in this post. Read More »

The Lavazza 2013 Social Calendar

The Lavazza Social caldendarLoved this idea from Italian coffee brand Lavazza which has been creating traditional calendars for twenty years, but with its agency Armando Testa wanted to make the leap to create something online like you had never seen before.

Called “Opera Viva” it is the first Social Calendar by Lavazza created in partnership with Instagram and overseen by digital artist Marco Brambilla. People were invited to send their video and pictures from all over the world via Instragam, Twitter and Facebook. Read More »

8 things Kraftwerk can teach every marketer about preventing website downtime

What Kraftwerk can teach every marketer about preventing website downtimeThis week demand for Kraftwerk ticket’s brought down the Tate Modern’s website. Marketers might think that crashing a website is the sign of a successful campaign, but in reality downtime damages both reputation and the bottom line.

The fact of the matter is that marketers need to up their game to ensure 100% uptime of their websites. Website stability is no longer just the concern of the techies. Anyone with a remote interest in online marketing and PR should ensure they know how to prepare a website ahead of a large traffic event.  Read More »

Google and Nike are the most shared social video brands of 2012

Google is most shared social video  brand of 2012, helped by Project GlassGoogle is the most successful social video brand of 2012 beating Nike after the technology giant’s video campaigns attracted more shares this year than any other advertiser, according to new data released today by Unruly.

Thanks to the global success of such campaigns as Project Glass: One Day, Google increased the number of shares it attracted in 2012 by 196.8% from the previous year, beating Nike to the top spot by 421,359 shares.  Project Glass proved a huge hit for Google and was also included among Time’s Best Inventions of the Year 2012. Read More »