Twitter’s Top 10 UK Promoted Product campaigns in 2012

Starbucks: one of the top ten Promoted Tweet campaigns in 2012As more and more brands have turned to social media in 2012 Twitter has taken a look at some of the most successful Promoted Product campaigns in a year where it made improvements to targeting and where advertisers were reporting strong results on mobile. The list serves as a good reminder of what brands tried during 2012 and will also hopefully provide ideas for others who are thinking about using more social media in their 2013 digital campaigns.

Twitter looked at a combination of datapoints that measured the reach and engagement of a campaign, including total engagements and impressions. Interesting to see that Starbucks is there in the top ten. It started the year so well with its  free latte campaign to launch its two shot drink. The subsequent months have proved difficult for Starbucks, but social media and Twitter remain crucial to its communications.

The Top performing band is EE, which changed its name from Everything Everywhere in September, which launched strong and made Twitter an integral part of its marketing efforts from the start. It is a move that appears to have paid off.

1. @EE – In conjunction with the hotly anticipated launch of the new brand and 4G plan, EE reached a wide audience on Twitter using Promoted Trends and Tweets targeted based on interest and location.

It also deeply integrated Twitter activity into its overall advertising campaign, which included hashtags and @ handles in all above the line media (October).

2. @StarbucksUK – The #FreeStarbucks campaign, gave away free lattes to announce the new stronger drink with two shots of espresso in a tall size (March).

The campaign pulled in celebrities, such as Jimmy Carr (ironically, a man with tax issues of his own), and resulted in queues outside many branches on the launch day of the campaign.

3. @PUMA – used a selection of brand ambassadors like @YUVSTRONG12 and @RickyFowlerPGA and posted pictures in Usain Bolt’s famous Archer pose as well as other images including this one of Bolt draped in the Jamaican flag.

It ran this Promoted Trend on the day of the 100 meter final and invited people to tweet their own photos (August)

4. @DairyMilk – Cadbury’s gave away samples of its new DailyMilk bars, Toffee Popcorn and Golden Biscuit Crunch, to Twitter users who could solve tweeted puzzles.

It also bought the Promoted Trend “#newcadburydairymilk” to advertise the bars and ran a series of tweets, including an image of the new bars. It tweeted for followers to return to its page at 11am on the day of launch to find out how to receive a free Golden Biscuit Dairy Milk sample. (September).

5. @EASportsFifa – To promote the launch of FIFA13, @EASPORTSFIFA asked questions and solicited votes targeted to a core audience of gamers and footballers; engaged audience by asking for guesses about who would land on the game’s cover. The campaign also included players such as Joe Hart and Lionel Messi.

Electronic Arts was an early adopter of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets. In 2011  it became the second brand in the UK, after Sky, to roll out a promoted tweet, to push its then FIFA 12 game. (September)

6. @EnterTheCabinUK– Lionsgate promoted the Joss Whedon scripted launch of spoof horror film “Cabin in the Woods” with a viral video created for April’s Fools Day, in which a cheerleader had an unfortunate accident relating to the movie’s storyline (April)

7. @CokeZone – Coke ran a #freecocacola trend, offering coupons for free drinks that could be redeemed in local Boots stores (September)

8. @AdidasUK – Capitalised on the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, running Promoted Tweets that included giveaways of athlete’s gear, like Jessica Ennis’ signed shoe.

Adidas said it experienced a 25% growth in its Twitter followers over the course of the London 2012 Olympic Games, with UK marketing director Nick Craggs professing delight at the success of its #takethestage hashtag.

As well its Promoted Tweets, Adidas started four non-paid for trends during the London Olympics, including #takethebaton during the Opening Ceremony. Its official hashtags were mentioned 146,078 times over the 17 days of the event, according to data from Sysomos. (August)

9. @NowTV – Asked for people to tweet pics of their loved ones to promote the launch of Sky’s new internet TV service (August)

10. @AssembleLive – People could vote on Twitter for which character they wanted to see painted next on a mural in East London. Promoted the launch of The Avengers movie from Disney Pictures (April)