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The White House arrvies on Pinterest

the white house joins PinterestThe 2012 Presidential election campaign is over, but Barack Obama’s team is continuing to expand what it does on social media and The White House has this week joined Pinterest. Of all the social networks Pinterest didn’t play much of a role in the campaign itself.  It was relegated somewhat and became, however briefly, the realm of the candidates’ wives. Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both took to Pinterest to play their part as their husbands slugged it out.

The White House says it will use its official presence on Pinterest to share pins and boards that range from inspiring images and quotes to infographics that help explain key issues to details about the life inside the White House. Read More »

Twitter’s Top 10 UK Promoted Product campaigns in 2012

Starbucks: one of the top ten Promoted Tweet campaigns in 2012As more and more brands have turned to social media in 2012 Twitter has taken a look at some of the most successful Promoted Product campaigns in a year where it made improvements to targeting and where advertisers were reporting strong results on mobile. The list serves as a good reminder of what brands tried during 2012 and will also hopefully provide ideas for others who are thinking about using more social media in their 2013 digital campaigns.

Twitter looked at a combination of datapoints that measured the reach and engagement of a campaign, including total engagements and impressions. Interesting to see that Starbucks is there in the top ten. It started the year so well with its  free latte campaign to launch its two shot drink. The subsequent months have proved difficult for Starbucks, but social media and Twitter remain crucial to its communications. Read More »

In Defense of Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily

Rupert Murdoch with the The Daily in his hand at its launchEveryone and their mother has been crapping all over The Daily since it announced just over a week ago that it was closing for good. What has struck me is that I think that someone needs to step in and contextualize what happened to The Daily and look at why the world’s first iPad only newspaper failed.  Read More »

Less than a quarter of top brands have dedicated customer service Twitter handles

Only 23% of brands had a dedicated customer service Twitter accountTwitter has become the critical tool for brands. According to Simply Measured, “95% of the world’s top brands use Twitter”. Customers know this, and now expect brands to engage with them on the network, not just broadcasting advertising bumph. For some brands, this has meant creating a specialist handle for customer queries.

Simply Measured have conducted some analysis, and say that 23% of top brands now have “dedicated customer service handles”. However, only 15% of brands have dedicated customer service handles tweeting 10 or more times a day, indicating that perhaps people still go to the main corporate account to lodge their complaint. This is a problem for brands, who use dedicated handles so that they can deal with complaints without tarnishing the overall messaging.

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3 Reasons Why Smart TVs are Not Smart Enough

Connected TV will become an important part of the living roomMaking the television set interactive is not a new idea. Remember WebTV from the late 90′s? Today, almost every TV manufacturer is coming out with their own version of ‘Smart TV’, and there are a multitude of devices (such as Roku and Boxee Box) that enable consumers to have access to content that until recently was only available online. But although manufacturers are getting close, TVs are not smart enough (yet). Here are three reasons why. Read More »