Pop up mobile stores are the way to shop

The future of the pop up store is virtual empowered by mobile not physical. Adidas have tested a mobile enabled virtual store and the results look amazing.

Their brand adidas Neo created  a special window display that was completely interactive and engaged customers who could use both their mobile phones to scan in QR codes or tap in specific numbers to order products in the window.

Customers could also make the models in the window try different clothes and move around using complimentary technology. They could also drag and drop products using their hands probably using Microsoft’s Kinect business technology to accentuate interactiveness.

In this example adidas have used an actual shop window, however they could easily have done something similar using a poster or window display with not retail shop behind it.

The cost savings are obvious, no staff, no retail presence and a focused product range that can measure popularity in interactions and sales. The marketing also becomes the store. A poster/outdoor display becomes your store.

This technology and embrace of m commerce takes on line shopping to a whole new level or mobility. Shop when you’re out without the need for a lap top. The example that everyone has heard about is in Korea with Tesco but many other people are doing it now too.

Mattel and Walmart in the States, P&G in the US, premium Apple reseller Epicentre and SMRT in Singapore along with PayPal and various retail brands like Showbiz and supermarket Cold Storage and are but a few examples.

There are many more examples where marketers are suddenly realising that dead time on the subway/mrt/underground for example is prime retail time… (that’s if you have connectivity underground as you do in Singapore, Korea etc).

People can shop on the go, save time and a retailer generates revenue with via m commerce, the most cost effective way possibloe all through a poster!