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A Year on Twitter – A look back at the Tweets that made 2012

President Barack Obama celebrates as he Tweets "Four more years".For the first time Twitter has created a dedicated website looking back at some of the most talked about moments of the last year in the UK and around the world in a year that saw London host an Olympic Games that beat all expectations, and create some inspiring memories for all. It was also a year that saw a Tweet from Mars, Barack Obama win four more years and David Cameron, Nadine Dorries, Gary Lineker and Girls Aloud among many others finally join the 140 character conversation. Read More »

Surrey Police puts the rap into its Twitter account

surrey police take a humourous approach to some of their tweetsJust a few weeks ago  Eoghan O’Neill was writing on The Wall about how Tweeting UK police forces need to make a more relaxed attitude approach to social media. Surrey Police for one were certainly listening and this morning it is winning plaudits online as it lights up Twitter via its @SurreyPolice account pretty much like a Christmas tree with festive Tweets and advice done in rap. Read More »

High street retailers are failing the tablet shopping test [infographic]

With over half of all shoppers reported to be using smartphones as an aid to so-called Robo (Research offline, buy online) shopping, you would expect Britain’s major retail chains to be walking the walk when it comes to digital retail services. But how much of the alleged £222,222 of customer spending that takes place every minute during the UK’s Cyber Monday are the traditional retailers actually getting a share of?

There may be a spike in Christmas spending with department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer and Argos, but recent research into online spending, shows that 62% of UK consumers don’t rate the top high street brands when they’re shopping online.  Read More »

What Men and Women ‘Like’ on Facebook [infographic]

An interesting infographic here that that takes a look at ‘What Men and Women ‘Like’ on Facebook’ and uses that to highlight a shift in a defined pattern in gendered discourse in social media. When looking at this infographic, you might initially assume that traditional masculine or feminine topics, activities and products would correlate exactly with the distribution of Facebook ‘likes’ by men and women.

This assumption would, for the most part, be correct. For instance, in the “Activities” section, dancing is predominantly liked by women at 87 % . The same can be said for shopping and cooking which are both predominantly liked by women at 80 % and 70 % , respectively. Read More »

Pop up mobile stores are the way to shop

The future of the pop up store is virtual empowered by mobile not physical. Adidas have tested a mobile enabled virtual store and the results look amazing.

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Twitter Launches Photo Filters To Rival Instagram

Twitter Photo FiltersFollowing the end of Instagram integration, the micro-blogging network have now launched their own photo-filter product to challenge Instagram’s domination of mobile photography.

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